Worship and Music

There is a lot of planning that goes in to make worship happen. Do you enjoy music – writing, playing, or listening to it? Do you consider yourself creative? Do you paint, draw, write, or create graphic designs? Then, we need you! Together, we work to make worship meaningful and accessible for all ages, and we are always on the look-out for new ideas. Come join us at our Worship and Music planning meetings.

You are also invited to join our choir. See the calendar for rehearsal dates and times.


We have a great team of individuals who offer their time to make repairs on our building. The team is looking for a few more people to help out. We may not need you every week, but your skills are greatly appreciated. Contact the church office for more information.

Stewardship Team

Our stewardship team is concerned with the sharing, enjoying, and caring for our God-given gifts with others. Stewardship has many pieces, including giving of our financial gifts in service to ministry through the church, volunteering our time and talents, and participating in the life of the community by building relationships. We are all called to be good stewards, but if you would like to be a part of the planning team, we would love to have you!


Are you good with numbers? Are you interested in investing? Then, we need you! Our finance team helps keep track of our budget and investments. The team also keeps the pastor and council informed of any major financial issues that could arise. Do you think you can help? Contact the church office.


At the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, the council meets monthly to help keep the church running smoothly and to discuss the future vision of the congregation. We are always in need of individuals willing to join our council. We need your ideas, your enthusiasm, and your concern for the life of the church! If you are a member of the congregation and are interested, please contact the church office.


The communications team was formed to build a website for the congregation. Currently, they help update the website and the Facebook page. We are always in need of tech-savvy individuals willing to help. We need people who know how to advertise, graphic designers, and individuals in love with social media. Come join us!


Women of the ELCA – Groups of women across the country meet regularly as a part of WELCA. Activities include Bible study, fundraising, and gathering as friends. For more information on WELCA, go to womenoftheelca.org and call the office for a list of events.

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