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In spiritual growth.


Are you celebrating the life of a new child? Is your son or daughter preparing for his or her first communion?  Is your family saying goodbye to a loved one?  We’re here to help you grow in your faith at every stage of life.


We typically baptize individuals when they are first born, but we offer baptisms to anyone who wishes to join our congregation.


We gather to receive Communion every Sunday where we worship God, confess to our brokenness, and hear words of forgiveness.


In Confirmation ministry, 7th and 8th graders explore the meaning of worship, reflect on their baptism, and celebrate their faith.

Lutheran Youth WNY

Our youth ministry program supports youths and their families at events that support learning, growing, and living in service to God.


We invite members of our ministry to sanctify their marital union alongside friends and family under the eyes of God.


When it is time to say goodbye, we will help your family come together to join the deceased for worship, Communion, and remembrance.

God Talk

Join our evening conversation group where we discuss faith, life, traditions, and beliefs in a safe and respectful setting.

Adult Bible Study

Dive into the scriptures, explore biblical literature and themes, and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your faith.

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